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Cameron Smith

Hey everyone! I want to start off apologizing for the late posting! A lot had been going on in my personal life, but I’m back on track and I’m grateful to be posting this fun interview with the hilarious Cameron Smith from Season 1 of Slag Wars! This was recorded a few days before theContinue reading “Cameron Smith”

Kevin Scott

Kevin may have left the show, but he will never leave our hearts. The rapping Scottish hottie from Season 1 of Slag Wars isn’t done with the world yet! After being eliminated for his performance during the Kink Photoshoot Passion Project, Kevin has been doing crazy well with his OnlyFans and has a new singleContinue reading “Kevin Scott”

Busty Cookie

Britains leading BBW adult enteratiner, Busty Cookie, took the time out to sit down with me and chat about her career, and what it was like being a mentor on Episode 2 of Slag Wars As a Veteran in the adult entertainment industry, Busty Cookie was no stranger to kinks and that showed while mentoringContinue reading “Busty Cookie”


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