Tyreece Nye

“It’s not even about ignorance, its just about being exposed to our communities constantly. Heteronormativity isn’t normal, there’s just a lot of it. It’s so important… A lot of queer people haven’t found themselves completely” – Tyreece Nye (They/Them)

Tyreece, the non-binary, “dancing diva of Season One” came to the Slag Wars house with a very clear message to present to the world, and they aren’t going to let anyone deter them from that. Chatting with Tyreece, it was clear that they are a fun, sex positive being with a lot to offer this competition.

On Episode 1, they won the pole dance Foreplay Challenge and stirred things up with their pairing of fellow cast mates for the Passion Project.

Although Tyreece faced some tough critiques, they are excited for the world to watch them get more comfortable in Episode 2, and show off more of their talents!

Catch Episode 2 on Slagwars.com Friday at Midnight on the East Coast, and be sure to check back for my recap of the episodes to come!

Watch The Interview Below!

Follow Tyreece on Instagram and OnlyFans @Tyreecenye2.0 and Twitter @Tyreeecenye2

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